Third Party Candidates Article I: Gary Johnson

Tim Kowis, Web Manager

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Don’t forget that there are other options than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on the ballot come election time.  In these articles, I would like to discuss and inform on third party candidates that are on the ballot with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  


   The candidate to begin these articles will be none other than Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee and the governor of New Mexico, he is running with William Weld, who served as the 68th governor of Massachusetts. Johnson’s political positions includes simplifying and lowering taxes while lowering all government income and spending. This includes Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Johnson also is very anti-war and wants to slash the budget of the military incredibly as well.  Among other things, Gary Johnson is a high believer in civil liberties and received the highest score from the American Civil Liberties Union for drug decriminalization. He opposes censorship and the regulation of the Internet and programs such as the Patriot Act, hoping to completely express the freedom of speech. Johnson is a supporter of the separation of the church and state and also endorsing same-sex marriage. Johnson is also pro-choice on the matter of abortion and is a firm believer of the second amendment.  I hope this helped you in your important decision on who will run the nation next. In the next issue I will cover the green party candidate Jill Stein. I hope to see you at the ballot.

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