Why the Flu Bug?

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    Every year that the flu bug comes around, it’s like a tsunami that affects and infects everyone. In schools, the flu bug spreads very rapidly, and this affects households as well. A lot of households that have younger children are more susceptible to the virus. The reason why is because a lot of younger children don’t pay attention to personal hygiene. That means they don’t wash their hands, they will eat food off of unclean tables, and they will pick their noses. For adults, if you live near or have children, these children can pick up the virus from anywhere, including school, and easily give it to you.

     The flu bug’s technical name is  “influenza,” a respiratory infection that can cause mild to severe sickness and affects the nose, throat and lungs. The symptoms caused by influenza include weakness, fatigue, dry cough, and some can feel a reduced ability to exercise. Influenza usually occurs around mid-December, and this flu season can last up to two to three weeks. Depending on how severe your case is, the symptoms can subside or reduce around five days if treated properly, but can also last from anywhere to three to seven days.

     This year at Carl Junction, the outbreak was very late in the season, and a wide group of students missed school for more than two to three days. The attendance rate went down, and the girls basketball team missed at least three of their players due to influenza. A damper was put on some of the teachers as well for this flu bug season. Nurses and doctors are doing everything possible to end this epidemic, and we hope our school will be returned to health soon.

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