Looking back Objectively at 2016

Tim Kowis, Web Manager

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 If you were to ask basically anyone, “How was your 2016?”  they may be more than inclined to say something along the lines of, “It was the worst year ever.”  There seems to be a general hatred against 2016. The many difficult or depressing events have left a bad overall impression. One big cause of the negativity of 2016 may be the election, which very notoriously split the country in half. This was only heightened once Trump won the electoral college, while Clinton won the majority vote. This caused more confrontations politically, as happens every electoral year. There was a higher voter turnout of 58.6% from the 2000’s 54.2%. This means that we are unwilling to go unheard and are willing to do more to make sure we are heard. 2016 also seemed to have many more celebrity deaths than usual.  Those who died include Carrie Fisher (the actress who played Leia in Star Wars), Alan Rickman (who played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movie series), Prince (a famous singer-songwriter), and Gene Wilder (known for his role as Willy Wonka in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) among others. An answer to why so many seemed to have died is simply due to generations. Usually, there are four generations on earth or in a family at one time. The Baby Boomer generation (1945-1960) is passing now, sadly which makes a large sum of movie stars.  However, generation Z (1995+) and millennials (1981-1995) are just becoming almost of age. These deaths can also now be prevented through advanced medical science and science in general advanced to cure the diseases and harms such as new drug possibilities for type I diabetes and advancements in migraine understanding and treatments. Overall, 2016 wasn’t pleasant, but there were reasons, it wasn’t just because 2016 was evil.

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