2016 Trends

London Beck

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Does everyone remember 2016 trends? Do some of these things need to go or no? Some 2016 trends were the whip and nae nae dabbing, Pokémon Go, Converse, gray-dyed hair, hidden rainbow hair, shaved backs of heads, henna tattoos, chokers, virtual reality, unicorns and mermaid fashion, the mannequin challenges, hover boards, and the water bottle challenge. Does anyone ever wonder who set all of those trends?

    We all know the whip nae nae came from Silentó’s song “Watch me”, but who made the dab popular? Surprisingly the dab was before 2016 when “Look at my Dab” by Migos came out. Then came the dabbing as we know it, used by NFL player Cam Newton.

     Although many girls would like to claim they came up with the gray hair trend it was actually Kelly Osbourne  and some other stars like Lady Gaga and Pink who started the fun. What about the hidden rainbow hair? This was created by Carla Rinaldi, she believes this is a great way to express yourself without the full commitment, you can have your natural hair on top and your secret weapon of color underneath. The choker like many other 90’s trends turned up again in 2016. This trend was yet again set by today’s celebrities like Shay Mitchell, Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, Rihanna, and Rooney Mara. Chuck Taylors or Converse were also brought back by celebrities but originally came from Charles Hollis, a basketball player and salesman in 1921. A lot of 90’s fashion was brought back in 2016, what will be back next?

    Unlike repeating fashion trends, technology had some total novel ideas in 2016, with Pokémon Go, hover boards, and virtual reality.  These were created by, respectively, John Hanke’s company, Greg Henderson and his wife, and Ivan Sutherland with his student Bob Sproull. Whether augmented reality or futuristic, these all seemed to have made 2016 more fun. Have any of the 2016 trends been made by other people besides the rich and famous? Yes actually, the mannequin challenge originated from a high school student in Jacksonville Florida named Emili when she just randomly stood in the front of the class and her friend A’laynah told her she looked like a mannequin. That’s when a bunch of her other friends joined in and made crazy mannequin poses with her. Another challenge created by a high school student was the water bottle flip challenge. This challenge became popular after senior Mike Senator performed this amazing water bottle flip at a talent show instead of the usual singing and dancing and posted it on YouTube.  So although you may not be able to create a new technology or new way to wear fabric quite yet, you can still create another epic challenge for 2017 with just a little imagination and out of the box thinking!

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