Joplin’s Best Dessert Places

Kecia Houpt

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 Frosted Cakery: 4.5 Stars

Frosted Cakery is located at 124 South Main Street, it’s very spacious inside and has an efficient staff. But when you walk in, the aroma surrounds you and smells like your grandmother’s kitchen. The theme is very interesting, with abstract paintings spread out on the walls and some walls made of bricks. The theme is expressing creativeness because bakers are always trying new things. They exceeded expectations of any bakery that I have reviewed. I had a Cinnamon Pancake Cupcake, which was absolutely delicious. It had a apple cinnamon base, with cream cheese icing, a cinnamon spice sprinkled on, and honey dripping off of it. To finish it off, a small pancake was placed on top. The cupcake was so yummy I couldn’t get enough of it. I also tried the white chocolate raspberry scone that was very flavorful.

 Smallcakes: 3 Stars

Smallcakes is located at 420 North Rangeline. It has a small interior but a long list of choices to pick from. Smallcakes caters to different events and you can even place a pick up order. Their cupcakes are large with a thick layer of icing on top, and they have cute filters on them to make them decorative. I tried a Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cupcake, It  was very good, but just too sweet. There wasn’t enough taste of the cookie, it just tasted like a chocolate cupcake. I also tried the Decadent Chocolate Cupcake, it was very rich in chocolate obviously due to the name “Decadent Chocolate”, but also very tasteful. Last but not least I had the Pumpkin Cookie, with wonderful cream cheese icing that was sweet and smooth. The base had the perfect amount of pumpkin, just strong enough to taste, but nothing too powerful.

Sweet Caroline’s: 4 Stars

Sweet Caroline’s is located down on 1027 South Main Street, in a building across from Hoag. It’s one of many business living in that building. When you walk in, the shop will be to your right. Sweet Caroline’s is so cute and has an older theme. It looks like a restaurant back in the 60s, with that type of booths and tables provided for the customers. Sweet Caroline’s have a variety of flavors available. They also have chocolates, cakes, and coffee. I tried the Cake‘n’Batter, it has little balls of cake in it with a vanilla base. It is so sweet, that I got the double scoop after trying the sample. I recommend this store on a hot summer’s day, after swimming, or to take your family to eat for a treat.

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