Thinking Out Loud I

Tim Kowis

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Sadness, one word nobody wants to achieve but can be expressed, an acceptable burst, a cry not just in psychology but one that is accepted by society but a constant one?  Maybe.  A state of feeling sad is the definition of depression in the Merriam Webster Dictionary, however, we must define the differences between depression and sadness to see how they are equal and alike.  We have already defined depression as a state of feeling sad but sad is defined as affected with or expressive of grief or unhappiness, another being of little worth again from Merriam Webster.  Depression can be diagnosed whereas sadness is just a symptom or effect of many things including depression.  Biological, psychological, and social sources of distress can come from or lead to or come from depression according to  I want to focus on the definition of sad especially one word within it unhappiness.  Unhappiness means that you are not happy, it says it in the word, simple, right.  Yes and no.  Unhappy means that you aren’t happy, meaning you could be filled with rage and are about to fight anybody who bumps into you but it can also mean that you feel… nothing…  You can feel sad when angry at the same time but for simplicity, let’s consider that passionate and leave it out of the equation.  I personally enjoy math, and I may use it too much but I like making things orderly.  Negative and positive are used in both the mathematical world and the psychological terms as in negative being angry, destructive emotions and positive being the good and restorative emotions.  Where does this put sadness?  Sadness I would consider would be exactly 0 because 0 is not positive or negative, it does not destroy or create, it is true neutral.  I looked up the suicide rates of depression and found that 15% of all depressed people commit suicide.  As depression is to sadness, I would consider bipolar disorder to anger to be similar, please, if you have any contradictions or contradicting evidence to my thoughts please PLEASE bring them up to me in the comments section of this article. 15% of bipolar people commit suicide.  Connecting these two numbers, in my observation, people are willing to tolerate mood swings as much as a stable neutral, both apparently devastating.  However, a neutral should not be this deadly, therefore can we really consider it as a neutral?  Yes, because our minds do not know the difference between x and –x, it sees the absolute value.  The brain releases chemicals both when it is happy and when it is angry such as adrenaline, dopamine, etc.  The brain can only see if it is being stimulated by these chemicals thus seeing only the absolute value of x.  It gets even stranger, we have evolved making 0 less than 0 however because of the constant stimulation of the brain making the standard enjoyment of the mind more than what it is.  We are constantly stimulated with many leisures and sources of entertainment which isn’t a bad thing, I’m not saying the “good old days” are better but this makes 0 more like a -3 since the standard for everyone, especially during the holidays are to be happy and it is shunned to be unhappy or angry, leaving you to delve deeper and deeper into your own thoughts of “Why aren’t I as happy as they are.”  Which are devastating.
There is help, please, if you have issues talk to anybody, really.  And if you are so far down that you need more, see a professional therapist, no matter the issue how small they offer an outside, helpful, opinion.  Counselors are a fantastic source of insight as well, and can point you to a therapist if they think you need the additional help.  If your emotions become so terrible that you need instant assistance call the suicide lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.  If you have any more thoughts, please add them below.  

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