A Real FAN-tastic Book

Emily Burke

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is a quirky and romantic realistic-fiction novel.  It includes something for just about anyone and is a great read for any fangirls or fanboys out there.

This book is about a girl named Cath who is a huge fangirl.  She loves Simon Snow and has been in the fandom every since she was a kid.  Cath and her sister Wren have been inseparable since birth and have bonded over the fandom by reading fanfiction together, looking around Simon Snow forums, and even dressing up in costumes for movie premieres together—but that was years ago.

Now Cath and Wren are starting college and Wren doesn’t want to share a room with her twin.  Cath is now stuck with a roommate that hates her and a snack-stealing boyfriend that’s around way too often.  The only good possible thing that could come out of her current situation is her fictional writing class, or so she thought.  As the school year progresses, Cath encounters a handsome classmate to write stories with, and comes to find out that maybe her roommate Reagan doesn’t really hate her after all.

For Cath, going through college without Wren by her side is an absolute nightmare.  Not only does she have to deal with her fanfiction-hating teacher and lack of friends, but also her party animal twin and mentally unstable father.  How could Cath possibly make it through the year in one piece?

I personally really enjoyed reading this book, and I can easily say it’s my favorite out of all the books I’ve read.  I love the characters, and I am just amazed at how well thought out each and every one is. I became emotionally attached to the characters in this book within just a few chapters. All of the characters are all very well thought out, and each one—no matter how different they are from me—was relatable in their own way. Each character had great development throughout the story, and I did not feel like I was left in the dark about any of the main character’s personalities. I liked the writing style in this book as well, and thought that it was easy to read. The dialogue can be a bit confusing at times if the reader isn’t paying full attention, but after going back and re-reading, it’s easy to understand. There are 445 pages in this book, and I read it within about a month. It might take longer to read for someone who doesn’t read outside of school, but the ending is definitely worth the time it takes to read. I highly suggest this book to any fangirls or fanboys out there, or even to someone who enjoys cute romance stories.  Even someone who can relate to the daily struggles of life as a teenager may enjoy this book. Fangirl is an amazing book, and I can’t wait for others to read it.