The Final Stretch

Ella Leach, Ashley Burke, and Carsyn Smith

  Every high school student has stress. Having to balance school, family life, social life, sports, and work can be a lot. Finals season is approaching, which means double the studying and double the stress. As we go into this month, here’s a few quick tips to reduce your stress level and increase your productivity.

  First, remember stress is normal.  It’s perfectly okay, and maybe even healthy, to be a little

stressed sometimes. Knowing how to manage that stress is an important part of a healthy life, especially while studying. According to Mayo Clinic, brains can only focus for an average of 25-50 minutes at a time. Therefore, trying to cram for a history test the night before isn’t a productive way to study, and it’s unlikely the brain will retain much information. Instead, try to study for two weeks leading up to the test, starting with 20 minutes and increasing the amount of material every night. You will retain the information in a shorter amount of time while you are also reviewing previously learned material. Another studying tip is to snack while studying. Out of students from three classes, 78% snack while they study to help them focus. Snacks like nuts, pretzels, fruits, and dark chocolate can help maintain focus. According to Erin Thomas from American University, 200 milligrams of caffeine allows the brain to process things more quickly. Believe it or not, coffee shops also help people study more effectively. Local coffee shops with good, quiet atmospheres include Crazy Llama Coffee and Joplin Avenue Coffee Company.    

  Did you know that we have after school yoga classes every Wednesday from 3:15 to 3:45 p.m. at CJHS? Interact (formerly Kindness Club) brings in a yoga instructor in the weights room that is free to all students. Yoga is a combination of the mind and body to improve overall health and practice reducing stress through physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation. Junior Ali Towner has attended yoga several times. She remarked, ”After a long school day, going to yoga helps me reduce stress and calm my mind. The instructor is really great with helping people relax and calm down.”