CJ Unlimited

Molly Poage

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 Adding new storm shelters to the Carl Junction district has allowed its alternative school, CJ Unlimited, to move back onto campus. It is now located in the old kindergarten-first grade North building.

Coordinator Cindy Giebler says that this new campus is an improvement from where they were downtown before. They could only take a certain amount of students before it became overcrowded, and the new location is much larger. They also are able to have lockers, and more restrooms and storage space than they previously did.

 CJ Unlimited was originally created in 2000 as a school to help students who struggled at conventional school whether with academics, attendance, or behavior, who were trying but not quite getting the results that educators wanted to see. CJ Unlimited is not a school of “bad kids” or “troublemakers” as its unwarranted and false reputation has led some people to believe – Giebler would like people to know that these are students just like any others who want to do their work, earn their credits, and graduate. This offers students to be able to get the chance they need to have a form of the high school experience in a way that is more beneficial to them than the standard schooling that we experience daily.

 CJ Unlimited, according to the Carl Junction Planning Guide, “is a program for students in grades 10-12 who function more effectively in a non-traditional high school setting. The staff at CJU uses a variety of methods to meet the personal, social, and academic needs of each student. The goal at CJU is for each student to complete the state requirements for graduation and become productive citizens. Students must complete a minimum of two semesters at CJU in order to graduate from CJU. Application to CJU must be made through the high school counselors or CJU administration. Acceptance into the program is based on available space and recommendation. Students who attend CJU are required to complete the state minimum credit requirement (24 credits) in order to graduate. CJU students may participate in CJHS graduation ceremonies; however, they will receive a differentiated diploma. CJU students are not eligible for A+ or Honors.”