Powder Buff

Emma Leach, Staff Writer

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 On March 25, CJHS boys of all grades gathered in the high school gym to decide one thing: which grade is the best at volleyball? This activity, called Powder Buff, is a version of the ever-so-popular sport. In order to raise money for Project Graduation, boys from each grade teamed up with the volleyball players to compete in the championship. Each grade had a different theme and dressed according to it, the sophomores were old men. When asked about what his favorite part was about the games, senior Lucas Berliew said “[It was] definitely just spending time with my class outside of school having some quality fun. When you can get everybody involved like that, it can make for a really exciting and competitive experience to remember as well as creating a perfect opportunity to raise money for project grad.”  

One of the senior teams, God Squad, came out as the champs, followed closely by the sophomore team.

 Another big part of the game was working together as a team. “I thought we worked well together; we got a little frustrated at points, but that’s expected with teenage boys.” says sophomore Mason Fox. The teams had to use teamwork, communication, and raw athleticism to achieve victory. “We did amazing in that aspect; we were there to support the cause and have a good time, and that’s exactly what we did.”

 Overall, a great time was had by all teams and a ton was raised for Project Graduation. Be sure to look for other ways to support this amazing group as graduation gets closer!