Safety Warning Follow Up

Coleton Woody, Staff Writer

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 In the wake of so many school shootings happening all over our nation, the Miami High School shooting in particular, a nationwide walkout was planned for March 14th. Instead of the walkout, our school planned class meetings during second block where students could express their concerns about our school’s safety.

 On April 9th, Mr. Pyle sent out an email explaining some solutions to the problems we expressed in our discussions. The solutions included “communication about drill procedures and appropriate responses for an armed intruder event prior to upcoming drills”, the knowledge that “two armed intruder drills will be conducted in the coming weeks, one during a lunch or passing time,” and we are to “ provide additional feedback to your teachers following the drills.”   

 These are all in all great solutions and precautions, and considering how many concerns were expressed, it may sometimes seem like more needs to be done than those three things. In an interview with Mr. Pyle, he was asked if there are any additional things being done in response to the safety talks. He replied, “Yes, the information that I said in the email was specific to things that happened in the short term. Students can expect that there are other items that I got in terms of feedback that I have shared with the central office administration because there are things that I would need their cooperation and assistance with implementing or changing.” When asked if there are any specific things at this time, he replied, “Well, there are things in regard to access to other parts of the building. For instance, putting the keypad entrances between the junior high and high school so that its not free access between the buildings during the day, or putting a camera and buzz in system in the back similar to the one we’ve got in the front.”

 At the end of the interview, Mr. Pyle expressed that the big reason for all of this is so that the students would know that their voices matter in our school. In addition to this, he wants to let students know that if they see something that concerns them, they need to report it as soon as possible, and your concerns will be listened to.