Almost, Maine

Jon Petry, Staff Writer

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 April 5 marked the debut of Carl Junction’s 2017-2018 Drama Club’s second production: Almost, Maine. The play featured a non-linear narrative that followed the stories of several citizens of the town of Almost, Maine in their tales of love and heartbreak, as well as being the first play that Carl Junction High School has put on to feature openly homosexual characters. While the play itself received mixed reviews from peers, there was something in it for everyone, from comedy to drama to gut-wrenching realism. A lot of hard work went into the production by everyone present, and it had a great turn out to boast.

 One thing a lot of people don’t see is what all goes into making a high school production work. You need actors, a stage crew, a light crew, a costume crew and a makeup crew, and other miscellaneous people to do any other job you could imagine a production might need. For most, though, the process started with an audition. The audition itself went mostly unknown to the majority of high schoolers, but those who had held parts in previous plays or were in the drama club were well acquainted with the date. If you didn’t fit either of these groups but were still interested, you could ask a friend who you knew was in it, as was the case with Aubry Kleinsorge, sophomore. “Audrey [Garoutte] told me about the audition,” she said. The audition was open to anyone who wanted to try out. “We had to prepare a monologue, or if you didn’t have one, Mrs. Degruson would give you one to read, and then we got partnered to read a small part of the script aloud with each other.” Once that was taken care of, auditioners were asked what they were comfortable doing on stage, as there were a multitude of kissing scenes throughout the play.

 The list of who got which part came out a few days later. “I was given an understudy part, so I went to the first reading and then I didn’t really do anything until I was told someone had to quit,” Kleinsorge said. In the end, she did get a part in the play as the wife of a man who is called on by his past lover in the middle of the night. If you have an interest in being a part of any of the drama club’s future plays, ask around; you might just end up being a part of something great.