Guess Who

London Beck

 Have you ever met anyone who is almost always optimistic, joyful, and energetic? Or do you ever find yourself looking at people as puzzles? Have you ever heard someone say, “I like that people each have different things, and they’re like puzzles.” If this sounds familiar, you might know or be an ENFP.  An ENFP is someone who is “Extraverted” (gets their energy from being around others), “Intuitive” (looks at the big picture), “Feeling” (is in tune with their and others’ feelings) and “Perspective” (lives in the moment). This personality type makes up 7% of the population, according to Since they aren’t the rarest, it wouldn’t be surprising for you to know one.

 One ENFP who goes to our school is a junior girl, and she is probably one of the most well known ENFPs here! This isn’t because she is the most popular or most talkative, but because she is involved in so many things and is friends with so many people. This active ENFP is involved in cross country, track, Student Council, Spanish National Honor Society, National Honor Society, and Knowledge Bowl. Although she is afraid of the unknown, such as the future and outer space,  she wishes to help people. This student is very independent, and she admires other independent women including her mom and Lana Del Rey (who she believes is quirky, strong, and has this tangible presence about her). Because she admires her mother so much, she is close with her family and her sister, Abby, who is in 8th grade.

 This ENFP doesn’t tend to brag about herself, but she volunteers every summer at Mercy Hospital in Joplin where her mom works. When asked why, she says, “It’s nice to do something good.” She also stated that although she doesn’t do a lot of big projects, “I try to help people day by day”. Miss Unknown also said she helps at the hospital to learn about medicine, for she loves learning. She doesn’t even have a favorite subject, she just likes learning new things in every class; that in itself gives her pure joy. Because she loves learning so much, she wants to become a neurologist for the sake of having a job that can help people medically and personally. Giving her the chance to learn and discover new things about the human brain. As of now, though, this mystery junior has a love for running.  When asked why she loves running, she says, “I like getting better, and I like pushing myself… it’s a good way to push myself and see results.” Other activities that she does with her friends are Snapchatting, going out, and studying for tests. Some of her close high school friends are Ethan Brown and Katie Crider. This girl is so friendly, she would consider you her friend even if you don’t know each other that well.

 Now that you know a lot about this Junior, do you think you can guess who this mystery ENFP is? If you have a guess, go to Mrs.Wilson’s Room 400, or email London Beck at [email protected] to receive a Java Junction Coupon.