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Spring Break

Bethany Hoagland

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 Spring break is a vacation period in early spring that started at universities and schools during the 1930’s. It is a time where students from all around can relax, catch up on sleep, spend time with friends, or go on a vacation.

 As soon as February kicks around, students start wishing for March. Thankfully, February is the shortest month, and teenagers, along with kids, don’t have to wait too long for a break from school. Some students enjoy going on a vacation to the beach or even the city, while other kids prefer to spend the week at home, most likely in bed. Either way is a good way to spend the week off from working hard on maintaining decent grades.

 While most enjoy heading to the beach during the special week off in March, Jarrett Little, senior, will be going to Chicago, Illinois. Little will be driving with Bethany Hoagland and her mother, Sarah. The three of them will be staying with Bethany’s aunt Robin. Little mentioned that they will leave on Saturday the 19th and stay until Friday the 23rd. Little, the Hoaglands, and Robin will be going into the city a few times while in Chicago. The four of them plan on eating at Aurelio’s Pizza, walking in the city, visiting The Bean, prom shopping, and seeing a concert. Little is ecstatic about shopping. He is hoping to find a tux for prom in April. Little is also excited about the concert. He will be seeing a new and young artist, Li’l Skies. Little has been to Chicago before, but he went with the Carl Junction Choir. This year, he is thrilled to be able to experience more in the city.

 Kendra Cline, senior, will be going to San Diego, California over spring break. She will be driving to the Springfield airport and flying out from there. Cline is going on this trip by herself and meeting up with her boyfriend who lives in San Diego. Kendra’s boyfriend, Jonas Weaver, is a Marine, so she will be staying with him in the apartments on the military base. Cline and her boyfriend plan on going to the beach and possibly shopping. Cline will be leaving on Monday the 21st, and head home Saturday the 24th.

 Even though most students are staying home, they will most likely still have a good spring break. Having a week off to clear the head and get some fresh air out of school is what spring break is all about.

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Spring Break