Homegrown Winners

Kinsey Morey

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CJ is full of nerds

 On February 22, 49 CJ students took a trip to Pittsburg State University for Science Day. The students took a combination of 11 different tests in the fields of biology, chemistry, and identification. These tests included: General Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Ecology, Genetics, Rock & Mineral Identification, Wildlife Sound Identification, Wildlife Identification, First Year Chemistry (individual and group), and Second Year Chemistry (individual and group).

  Thirty-nine CJ students took the General Biology test, 34 the Anatomy & Physiology, 36 the Ecology, 34 the Genetics, one took the Rocks & Mineral Identification test, two took the both of the Wildlife Identification tests, 13 took both the First Year Chemistry tests, and six took both of the Second Year Chemistry tests. Many students placed in the top three of the tests and took home a trophy. Payne Ridgeway (sophomore) placed first in the First Year Chemistry individual test. While Wesley DePratt (sophomore) and Ashley Stokes (sophomore) tied for second in the First Year Chemistry Individual test. Tatum Graham (junior) tied for third in the Second Year Individual Chemistry test. One of the groups from CJ placed in the top three as well. This group was comprised of Stokes, Audrey Garroutte (sophomore), and Lance Ward (sophomore); the team placed second. Emily Robertson (junior) placed third in the Genetics test, JoAnne Kim (senior) placed first in the Ecology test, Cathryn Denny (senior) placed second in the Ecology test, Robertson tied for third in the Anatomy & Physiology exam, Will Bebee (senior) placed first in the Wildlife Sounds Identification, Joe Kennedy (junior) placed third in the Wildlife Sounds Identification, Kennedy took second in the Wildlife ID exam, and Erin Mueggenberg (junior) placed second in the Rock Recognition test.

 PSU Science Day is a great opportunity for students to represent their school and learn new things. There is a wide variety of tests to be taken, ranging farther out than the tests that the CJ students took. In addition to the tests, students were able to walk the campus, go out to lunch, and were given the opportunity to go on a cadaver tour. Many of the students enjoyed their trip to PSU’s campus. Robertson said, “The cadaver tour was very interesting because we saw each of the individual muscles and organs and could even see the damage that was done by disease.” PSU has been hosting Science Day for many years. CJ students have been attending science day for many years. Some students even get the chance to attend multiple years. Zach Morris said, “This was the second year I went, and it was just as fun as the first time.” Carl Junction plans on sending students to PSU’s Science Day for years to come in hopes of continuing to place well in all the tests.

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