Can you guess who it is?

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London Beck, Staff Writer

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   Imagine driving down a paved, lonely road in the country with your grandma. Farms and plains surround you in the pitch black night. Everything seems pretty ordinary for a night drive. You glance out the front windshield, watching the headlights graze across the pavement, looking to your right you spot a single white goat on the side of the road. That’s odd but it’s nothing crazy. Suddenly, your grandma slams on her breaks. You look at her for a split second, and then you hear it. You turn your eyes forward as an unnatural piercing cry comes from the goat on the road! You want to cover your ears due to the high pitched shriek, but instead you’re frozen in terror as the goat floats in an arch over the road, it’s vile screech unfaltering. Make it stop! What is happening to you? How do you protect your grandma? Is the goat possessed? What are you going to do? Suddenly you wake up, breathing heavily, tears streaking your face.

    Six years later, you’re now 18. You have changed a lot since then. Now you know what you want and who you want to be. You’re not that scared little boy in your dream anymore. You’ve found your everything: music. The quote, “We exist in nothingness, yet we exist in everything,” scrolls through your mind as you reflect on your life and your past dream. You live by this, and because of it you make your own rules. Yeah, you’re “kind of unique.” Yeah, you’re loud, yet you’re confident and never afraid to speak your mind. You’re kind of sassy, but loving to all. Now you’ve truly and fully found peace in your music. Your happiness, your voice, your life, your soul resides in it completely. Because of this, you relate and are inspired by people like Frank Ocean and Lady Gaga. However, no one knows you like your piano.

    Although you aren’t ordinary, people who don’t know you may think you are just any other teenage boy. I mean, you struggle to get up in the morning, you leave for school, listen to music, come home, feed your fish, stay up late, go to sleep, and repeat it all over again. You have a job at Fancy Flamingo. You love your mom, your dog, your best friends, and of course your best friends’ dogs. You have a favorite book and a classic favorite movie: “Titanic.” You’ve had good days and bad days. Your dream being one of those bad days, along with that time you accidentally sounded too sassy to the wrong person. Yet, you’ve had your fair share of good days, like that time you held your newborn sister in your arms. Although people may think you’re typical, you’re not. You thought you’ve had them fooled, but do you?  You know yourself, right?

    The statement “I know myself” is normally true, but something is different about today. Something has got you questioning it. Why are you questioning this? What is unusual about today? What part of this question is irking you? Oh dear, it’s not the goat again is it? You pinch yourself to reassure. No, you’re awake. It definitely is something more than that, anyway. You pause and turn, looking at yourself in the mirror.  Wait. You look yourself up and down. Who is this person? What is your name? Goodness man, do you even know your own name?

    Do you? Can you figure it out? Jumping out of the life and mind of this teenage boy with brown curly hair, a unique sense of style and a love for music, can you guess who it is? Guess who this Carl Junction student is, and you’ll earn yourself a Java Junction coupon! If you think you know, go pick up a coupon from Mrs.Wilson in room 400. Good luck! Answer will be revealed next issue.

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