Let’s Party Like Gatsby!

London Beck

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Carl Junction students party like Gatsby for charity! With five dollars for a single ticket and eight dollars for a couple’s ticket, FBLA used this money to help senior Brendan Hoberecht’s stepdad who has ALS. ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. This is a disease that deals with the nervous system, weakening your muscles to an extent where it is hard to physically function. Although it isn’t new that the tickets are going towards this charity, it is new is that we have Snowball Queens and Kings.

 Candidates were involved in every class, but only the seniors were eligible for King and Queen. The freshman candidates were Jade Smith and Jacob Colgion, following them were the sophomore candidates Brett Chapel and Ty Dunlap, and lastly, the junior candidates were Josie Wilkins and Nathaniel Bernard. The senior candidates who were on the ballot for Snowball King and Queen were Jordan Albright, Tyler Markham, Kala Ellison, Austin Rose, Kyler Wallace, and Anna Pence. Albright and Markham ended up winning the rank of Snowball Queen and King after the votes were counted. Although the Snowball King and Queen were elected by the students at the dance, all the student candidates were nominated by the business teachers based on how involved they were with FBLA.

 This year, the dance had a lot of attendees who bought their tickets before the dance or at the dance itself; some of these students included Kennedy Snodgrass (junior), Abby Washburn (sophomore), Payton Grimes (freshman), Amber Kennebeck (sophomore), and Madi Page (sophomore).  All these students seemed to enjoy all the cookies, good beats, photo booth, and optional Gatsby inspired headpieces. Washburn enjoyed the dance and getting dressed up with her friends. Given that her boyfriend was the junior candidate for Snowball, she also said she enjoyed this year’s voting idea.  Grimes said she most enjoyed the music and dancing. Agreeing with Washburn, she said she also liked the idea of the Snowball Queen and King. Jaylin Goins (sophomore) tells the paper, “I definitely enjoyed the dance. It’s a great time to hang out and dance with friends and meet new people.” All of FBLAs morning work and GBT’s, Global Business Technology, daytime work on the dance proved to be worth it! This year’s snowball seemed to be enjoyable to almost everyone who went.

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