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London Beck

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 Have you ever wanted to have YOUR name in the paper? Now you can! Recently The Carl Junction Chronicle has added a way for you to communicate to us about what you want to read about.

 Every month, The Chronicle takes time to think of articles that you would want to read about and to go over interesting things happening in our school. Although the newspaper staff is usually able to come up with many ideas, we are always looking for suggestions to fill up the paper and get more people reading. Many people have commented that the newspaper just covers sports or doesn’t talk about anything that really pertains to them or interests them.

 So with these comments, we have taken action and added a Suggestion Box right outside our door (room 400) with suggestion slips. The idea is that you simply fill out the slip and place it in the box, and the Newspaper staff will consider if this is a good idea for an article. If we use your idea, we will place your name somewhere in the article, giving you credit for your suggestion. On the slip, you will find the lines “Article you want,” “Reason for suggestion,” “Article details,” “Contacts/people involved,” and a line your full name and grade.  “Article you want” is looking for a name for what you are suggesting. Suppose you have just joined a new canoe club; you would put “canoe club” there. Continuing with this metaphor, “reason for suggestion” could contain “I am involved in this club, and I would like to bring notice to it, for no one really knows about it.” Article details could be, “We go canoeing twice a month in the summer, spring, and fall, and once in the winter. We all share four canoes, and we switch back in forth with who brings what supplies for each trip. On the line labeled “contacts/people involved,” you would put who is involved in this with you so we know who to talk to and perhaps their phone number or email. Lastly, we ask you to put your full name, instead of nicknames like Abby or Maddi, and grade so that we know who made the suggestion and who to talk to for more information. The Chronicle hopes everyone enjoys this new addition and take advantage of the suggestion box, and that it is a better way for us to stay connected with our readers and the people in our community.

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