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 One of the newest coaches to Carl Junction High School is Mrs. Holt.  Mrs. Holt has been teaching at our school for ten years and during that time has taught as a part of the language department. Her newest endeavor is being the first girls’ swim coach our school has ever had. However, this isn’t her first time coaching a swim team. In fact, she used to coach summer swimming in Joplin. In addition to this, all three of her children have been swimming for the past twelve years. When asked why she wanted to be the swim coach, she simply replied with, “I am passionate about the sport of swimming.”

 One of the most interesting things one could learn about Mrs. Holt was about her role model. When asked who her role model was and how that person affected her, Mrs. Holt replied, “Definitely my high school cross country and track coach, Coach Caldwell. To this day I hear her voice I my head when I am running, either in training or at a competition. She had high expectations and believed in her athletes. She was there for the ups and the downs of high school sports.” With a role model like that, one could see how she was inspired to become the coach she is today.

 Even though her role model has influenced her as a coach, a unique thing that helped shape her coaching style is being a teacher. As she put it, “I think my years of teaching high school language has helped me more than anything to be a good coach. Discipline, goal setting, providing the tools to achieve, and encouraging engagement is all important to being both a classroom teacher and a coach.”

As for advice for high school students, Holt says to, “set short-term and long-term goals and make a practical step-by-step plan for achieving both. Don’t go it alone. Use your resources to assist you in achieving your goals: teachers, counselors, administrators, coaches, parents, community leaders, business leaders, etc. We are all here to help. Just ask! Work first then play. Never give up. What you achieve is up to you and no one else. Say thank you every single day. Wake up every day and say, ‘Today I choose to be happy.’ Circumstances are what they are, but your attitude is your choice.” We wish Mrs. Holt and her team great luck in their first season of girls’ swimming!

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