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Learning Service

Molly Poage

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 Service Learning, short for “Service Learning & Leadership in the Workplace” is a class described in its course description as “An advanced-level course designed to familiarize students with the principles of leadership and community service, this is an opportunity to integrate rewarding experiences into learning projects that benefit the school district and local community. The school district and community needs are investigated and projects are designed to meet identified needs. Students will develop skills related to public speaking, event planning, marketing, group facilitation, problem-solving, design thinking, personal growth, and mentoring.” But what exactly does this all mean? What goes on there?

 Service Learning is a class designed to help students grow their leadership skills that they will need in their adult lives. This includes helping students in younger grades and planning events at the school.

 Amber Jason, a senior, has shared her schedule. She has Service Learning in her 4th block. On Monday, she helps plan events. This includes the things such as the Veteran’s Day assembly, which had over 150 attendees and the tailgate party for socializing freshmen. She also uses Mondays to train in her weekly service and plan for later activities. Tuesdays are for Reading Buddies, where the Service Learning students promote literacy and excitement for reading in kindergarteners and first graders. On Wednesday is Team Bulldog, where Jason helps mentor at-risk students in the 4-6 building to bring life/study skills and excitement to their school day. On Thursday she does Enrichment and Remediation. These tasks depend on specific teacher’s needs but normally involved assisting struggling kids and enriching the learning experience of those who catch on faster. On Friday she participates in Community Service Day, where they go out into the community and provide the manpower and know-how to help various cases. Jason goes to Golden Paw where she helps socialize and excite shelter dogs.

  All of the Service Learning students do activities similar to those with different schedules. The 8th block class also works to socially integrate and teach life skills to the special education students of various grades. Service Learning is a very special class and the students selected to join it are certain to become excellent members of our community.

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Learning Service