• April 28School ends for all students on May 25.

  • April 28Seniors graduate on May 17!

The Last Season

Ashley Burke and Ella Leach

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 As the winter sports season comes to an end, many seniors are looking back on their biggest

successes throughout the past four years in the Carl Junction Athletics Program.

 The boys basketball seniors are Brendon Hoberecht, Will Bebee, and Aaron Ludders.  Hoberecht has been playing for as long as he can remember.  One of his biggest accomplishments includes scoring 22 points in one game when he was 11 years old.  When asked what his definition of success was, he said that it was winning the state championship.  Bebee has been playing basketball for 13 years.  The most points that he has scored in a game is 26 and he plays all positions.  Bebee’s definition of success is improving everyday and working your hardest.  Ludders has played one year since freshman year.  He plays forward, and his record number of points scored in a game is six.  He believes that success can be defined as getting better everyday.

 Girls basketball seniors are Kate Dreiling and Megan Scott. Dreiling has been playing for 12 years. She’s a forward and has a record of 15 points in one game. Dreiling believes that winning is the one true definition of success. Scott is a center and has been playing for the past 13 years. Scott thinks success is being the best that one can possibly be by achieving one’s goals and has a scored a total of 38 points in one game.

 This years wrestling seniors include Zeke Wall, Brooks Neria, and Kolby Rowden.  Wall has been wrestling for 13 years and has pinned someone in 10 seconds.  He believes that the definition of success is to win the state championship.  Neria has been wrestling for a total of nine years.  The fastest that he has pinned someone is 10 seconds.  When asked what his definition of success was, he said that it is winning the match.  Rowden took three years off from wrestling, but has been wrestling for a total of nine years.  This quickest time that he has pinned someone is 30 seconds, and he believes that success is winning the state tournament.

 The first ever CJHS swim team seniors are Jennalee Robbins, Keira Holt, Kinsey Morey, and Madeline Wilson.  Robbins swam two years before CJHS acquired a swim team.  Before the Carl swim team, she swam for Carthage.  Her favorite event is the 100 freestyle, and her best time in that event is 1 minute and 42 seconds.  Her definition of success is having a good time and improving.  Holt has swum since she was only four years old. She’s competed for four different teams and believes success comes when you meet your goals. Her favorite event is the 200 IM and her time is 2 minutes and 31 seconds. Wilson has been swimming for 12 years and has swum for Webb City, Joplin Stingrays, and Jasper County Killer Whales. Her definition of success is going to state, which she hopes to do in her favorite event, the 100 Fly (1:02.47). Morey has swum for 10 years with teams in both Kansas and Missouri. Her favorite event is the 500 freestyle and her time is 6:16.23. Morey believes success is setting and accomplishing her goals.

 We’ll be sad to see our seniors leave, but are looking forward to the rest of their season! Come support your Carl Junction seniors and help wish the best to them in their future endeavors.

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The Last Season