Another Outstanding Musical!

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Another Outstanding Musical!

London Beck

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 CJ’s best student singers and actors combined to put on the jaw dropping musical  “James and the Giant Peach!” This was showcased November 16-19 for all Carl Junction’s parents and students to see, surprising and mystifying the eyes of their audience with this child-friendly performance. They not only performed for the people who visited them at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, but they also performed for all the younger students present during their Thursday afternoon school day. Although they didn’t show the 2nd through 6th graders the whole show, they did perform the songs “Right Before Your Eyes,” “On Your Way Home,” “Property of Spiker and Sponge,” and “Floating Along” and encouraged them to go see the show at the other after school showings.

 After paying $2 for a student and $5 for an adult, everyone got seated to watch senior Darian Wilson, who played the Ladahlord, start off the show with “Right Before Your Eyes.” Here is where the storyline begins, where you find Logan Earll (freshman), as a lonely James Henry Trotter singing “On Your Way Home” in an 1959 orphanage in London, England. Next, you get introduced to thieves Spiker and Sponge who are played by Ava Shipley (freshman) and Taylor Lewis (Sophomore). They are informed that they are going to be adopting James, since they are his only living relatives after his parent’s tragic death by rhinoceros. At this point, the actors and actresses show Spiker, Sponge, and James driving to their house in a shadow box display managed by Sophomore Mati Goebel. Sophomore Audrey Garoutte said this was the first time they used a display like this years shadow box and were glad that it showed to be a hit.

 In the next scene, Ladahlord visits James with a magic bag after his Aunties left him for the shore. During their little hiatus, James receives a magical book from the Ladahlord’s bag and creates crocodile tongues with an out-of-this-world recipe. James “shakes up” all the ingredients they collect as the Ladahlord leaves, and the bugs surround James, stealing the tongues from him. Discouraged, James, who just got yelled at by his aunts, watched how his crocodile tongues made a giant peach grow from Spiker and Sponge’s old tree. Of course, Spiker sees this as a money-maker and decides to announce the showing of the peach for hard cash. Spiker and Sponge get bombarded by rich people with money and contracts and wallow in their short lived glory.

 During this, they shoo James away for the night, where he finds himself inside the giant peach and meets the bugs who ate the crocodile tongues. These bugs included Grasshopper, played by Miles Stamper (freshman); Centipede, played by Samuel Kim (Freshman); Lady Bug, played by Gracie Jackson (Junior); Earthworm, played by Jaylin Goins (Sophomore) and Spider, played Audrey Garoutte (sophomore). After finding these bugs to be his new found friends, besides the grudge-holding centipede, the shadow box shows how the peach rolls down his aunts’ hill and over the village. During this time, a male villager runs on stage screaming bloody murder and dramatically faints on the left side of the stage where he gets dragged out.

 After the peach falls into the ocean, you get to know the characters as they tell their family stories and eat some of the peach singing “Floating Along” and “Have You Even Begun to Wonder.” Then, James is awoken from his terrible nightmare of his parents death, and Lady Bug sings the sweet and comforting song “Everywhere That You Are” to James, giving the story a heartwarming and emotional touch.  Jaylin Goins said this song always made her start to cry, and she had to try hard to get back into her character for her upcoming act. Next, the group finds themselves in a big dilemma. Besides the fact that they aren’t heading the way they wanted to head, sharks begin to circle around the sweet and yummy peach.

 With this, James comes up with the idea to fly away from the sharks with the use of nearby seagulls, spider’s silk, and Earthworm as bait. After freaking out, Goins as Earthworm sings the hilarious song “Plump and Juicy” luring the seagulls to her and spiders silk. The seagulls danced and jumped over the ropes “attached” to the peach. Attaching the seagulls to the peach surprisingly works, and they float “safely” in the sky. Escapees Spiker and Sponge point out the peach again to the captain as they see the peach near their plane floating somewhere over New York.  Ending the musical, the peach plops itself on top of the Empire State Building, where James and the bugs soon meet recently landed Spiker and Sponge. Naturally, James’s aunts are mad at him for “stealing” their peach and fortune and try to take him with them for his money and kill James’s bug friends. Thankfully, the peach falls off the tower and smashes Spiker and Sponge to death right after James breaks from their hold to protect his friends. At this point James has the line, “Is it wrong that I don’t feel sad?” The musical comes to an end with the bugs Spider, Earthworm, Lady Bug, Grasshopper and Centipede as his new found forever family. Actors and actresses Goins, Garoutte, Stamper, Austin, and Shipley said the musical overall went well,  even after their scary troubles focusing in their many after school rehearsals. Goins said, “Honestly, before the first night, I thought it was going to be trash, but then everything came together that first night, the first whole show, and it was very magical.”

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