45th President’s Accidental Election

Melissa Hendrickson

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 November 8 marked the anniversary of Trump’s election, and it has been an interesting time, to say the least. With all the things that the President has done thus far, one might begin to wonder how on earth the people of America elected this person to lead our wonderful country.  As it turns out, numerous theories have come to light about this topic.

 Probably the most popular theory is that Donald Trump didn’t run for President with the intent of winning. One side of this theory is that he only ran for president to get more funding for his show, “The Apprentice.”  An easy way to get this funding was to stir up controversy and get everyone talking about him during the election.  

 Some people believe that Donald Trump only ran for President so that Hillary Clinton would win.  If you look back on Trump’s political life, he was a Republican, then an Independent, then a Democrat, then back to a Republican.  Additionally, Donald Trump donated generously to the Clinton campaigns in 2002, 2005, 2006, and 2007. The Clintons also attended Donald Trump’s wedding, and there are pictures of them together looking quite friendly. Trump’s political inconsistency combined with the pictures of himself with Hillary Clinton from years before the election lead people to believe that he was running to ensure that Hillary Clinton would win the Presidency.  This arrangement would’ve been beneficial to both parties: Clinton would have won the election, and Trump would have gotten more publicity for himself and his show.

 If this theory is true, then, obviously, something didn’t go as planned.  Some people believe that Trump did too good of a job pretending to be a politician that he accidentally started to build a following.  Others think that the plan was going smoothly, until Trump went rogue, deciding that he wanted to actually win.  

Even with all the conspiracy theories, it is just as likely that Donald Trump is just a guy who wanted to be the President and believed that he could help the country.  Whatever the truth is, it’s an interesting theory to think about and look into for the anniversary of his election.

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