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A Peachy Tryout

Sarah Spencer

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The Carl Junction Theater department held open auditions for “James and the Giant Peach”, a child-friendly musical, on September 20 and 21. The department has many returning actors including senior Darian Wilson, who says he returned because “I believe that theater has changed me as a person, socially and morally”. Though a lot of the students are experienced actors, the room was still abuzz with nervousness and anticipation on the first day of auditions; everyone was ready to show off their singing and monologue-memorizing skills. The audition song was “There’s Money on that Tree,” which is sung by Spiker and Sponge, the antagonistic aunts of the musical. The comedy monologues were picked out by the individuals performing them. The auditions went wonderfully, with everyone singing and delivering their monologues the best they could. Junior Gracie Jackson said she felt “confident, well prepared, and good about myself”.

  The second day was a test of dance skill and endurance. The auditionees had to dance to “Plump and Juicy,” a song from the musical that the character Worm sings. The dance was both taught and choreographed by junior Eva Sneed. “Plump and Juicy” was a fun and jazzy song. The dance was a fun and easy introduction to the choreography of James and the Giant Peach. Dylan Kessler said “the shimmies” were his favorite part of the dance.

 The musical will also include many shadow and regular puppetry scenes. To accommodate for all the  puppetry in the show there will be people from the cast and crew being puppeteers. There will also be a set piece specifically built to house the shadow puppets and puppeteers during the show. The shadow puppetry scenes will be a difficult and impressive technical effect.  

   The performances of James and the Giant Peach will be on November 16,17, 18, and 19.

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A Peachy Tryout