Summer Trip

London Beck

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 Over the summer Mrs. Friel took Erin Richins (junior), Garrett Sargent (senior), Job Boatright (class of 2017), Jarret Friel (junior), Cade Hensley (class of 2017), Kecia Houpt (class of 2017), Jason Leggett (class of 2017), Megan Richins (class of 2017), and Marianne Taylor (class of 2017) went to extravagant Costa Rica! Traveling all around the country by bus the Carl Junction students, along with groups from Texas, Utah and Springfield, MO, did everything from hiking up a volcano to swimming in a beach cave.  Along with these activities, the group went ziplining, kayaking, and hiking through a cloud rainforest.  While describing what her group did Richins  shared her experience of ziplining: “We went ziplining over the rainforest, which was super cool. ‘Cause I was like way up high by all the trees and up in the mountains.”  Richins also describes her crazy experience kayaking, how while kayaking in the lake it started to pour and the wind picked up forcing them to stay on the edge of the lake in order not to tip.

 In the rainforest the group also had some crazy animal experiences.  “I saw a sloth and I was super excited because sloths are my favorite animals” says Richins. Other animals they saw in the rainforest included a green viper snake, monkeys, a huge cockroach and tons of ants.  During the rainforest hike, the group actually stepped on an ant hill resulting in billion of ants crawling on their feet and legs.  Along with an “almost ants-in-pants” experience, the group also suffered from a lot of monkey business; one of the monkeys crawled up her Richins friend’s leg and a team of monkeys stole a kid’s lunch.  This happened by one monkey distracting the kid and another monkey taking the sandwich. While doing these activities this group got to tour the country, learn about the culture and environment of another country other than ours.  Richins along with Sargent would recommend going on this trip and if they could would definitely go back themselves. If you would like to go on this trip next summer or learn more about it you can contact Mrs. Friel at [email protected] or go on the newspaper website, to see more of the Costa Rican experience.

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