“Fresh” Off the Press Advice

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“Fresh” Off the Press Advice

Stormi Norton

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 It’s been a few weeks since the freshman started their first day of high school on August 17. There are 250 freshmen this year. We all remember being in their shoes; there’s a new school, more people, new teachers, and intimidating expectations. If you don’t remember, that’s okay, because we’ve interviewed a couple of freshmen to let you know what they think about high school so far. Markie Ellwood says, “It’s hard, but fun.” Aspen Redden claims that the school is “humongous!” (Give it time and she’ll be saying that it’s not big enough for all those people in the hallways.) While high school may be overwhelming at first, it will be the place where you make some of your most embarrassing, and happy memories.

 So, to all of the freshmen reading this wondering how they’re going to survive high school, here’s some tips from some upperclassmen:

  1. “Do your homework the night it is given, if possible.” – Sydney Smith, junior
  2. “High school isn’t as stressful as you think; take your time, breathe, and think things through.” – Addison Miller, senior
  3. “Don’t overload yourself. It’s good to try new things, but don’t take on too much.” – Daniel Brower, senior
  4. “Get projects done as soon as possible.” – Emma Leach, junior
  5. “Speak when spoken to.” – Jon Petry, senior
  6. “Please. Hygiene is important. Deodorant is your friend. We will all thank you.” – everybody

 Those are some fantastic tips for any freshman. We really do remember how it felt walking in the first day of freshman year. So whatever you’re feeling, someone felt the exact same way once. Don’t be afraid to get out there and meet new people. You may end up enjoying your freshman year more than you thought you would. So, have fun, and as Ellwood said, “It’s going to be a great year!”

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