Weird Animals

London Beck

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    Just when you thought you knew all the animals that existed, there are animals like the great potoo and zorse to change your mind. The great potoo lives in the upper parts of South America and is very good at camouflaging due to its bark colored feathers and height of 19-24 inches.  What makes this bird so extravagant is not only it’s creepishly big yellow eyes but also its “song” which sounds like a deep and raspy voice saying “Mom” or a loud bark.  The “zorse” is a zebra and horse hybrid that can be made in a lab or can be made naturally. This animal is weirdly neat. The zorse is about 51-64 inches tall and weighs about 500 pounds. It can live 15-30 years compared to a horse which lives 25-30 years. Zorses live in the United States and Africa. Besides being a hybrid, zorses are cool mostly because of their looks. Zorses’ stripes can range from dark brown and tan, to black and brown, and from half black and white stripes. Their hair can be brown, black, white or partly black and partly white.

    Some other weird animals that aren’t hybrids are the dumbo octopus, narwhal, white peacock, walking fish, thorny dragon and rhinoceros hornbill.  For starters, there is the dumbo octopus. This odd ball of squish is usually about eight inches long, but there was one found that was six feet long and weighed 13 pounds. These tiny octi are found in every ocean at their very deepest and can be orange, green or red. The dumbo octopus is rather round and gets its nickname from its large fins at the end of its “head” that look like long floppy ears and resemble Dumbo the elephant. The narwhal is a special animal because it looks like a beluga with a unicorn horn. The “unicorn horn” is actually a nine-foot-long canine front tooth that functions as a sensory organ used to test changes in its environment to search for food or available mates. The walking fish gets its name from its feet-like flippers that can be used to crawl on rocks or swim in the deep blue sea. And it’s actually not a fish at all; it’s a salamander, an amphibian. Then there is the crazy looking rhinoceros hornbill bird that has a colorful horn-looking extra bill on top of its own bill. This horn is used for echoing its calls so you can hear it better.

    If abnormal (but nature made) creatures don’t interest you, how about some other hybrids like the zorse? For example: the beefalo, the wholphin, the coydog, and the sheep-goats. The beefalo is a combination of a cow and bison and is quite monstrous in size and beef.  People want these animals because they can be contained more easily and produce a lot more beef than a cow. Although there are surprisingly a lot of beefalo, there aren’t many cute wholphins. There is only one wholphin known today and its name is Kekaimalu. Kekaimalu is a mix of a female bottlenose dolphin and a male false killer whale. This animal can grow to be 40 years old and 12-20 feet high. The coywolf is the mixture of a coyote and a dog. Maybe the idea came from the Fox and the Hound? This animal can actually be made naturally, but is very rare and only found in the wild of North America. These are truly considered dogs though, so you can own one, but they are said to have slightly different natural behaviors than pure dogs. And last but not least, the tiny sheep-goats or geeps. These animals look like tiny extra fuzzy goats, and were purely just invented for the fun and adorableness. Now that you know some animals you didn’t know before you can find yourself a proper zoologist, or maybe just an educated student, but either way I hope you found these weird animals worth learning about.

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