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Prom 2017

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    Saturday, April 22, Carl Junction High School hosted its 2017 prom. The celebration and the Grand March was held at the Joplin Convention Center. Grand March consisted of hundreds of pictures and the crowning of Prom King, Devin Wickman, and Queen, Kenzie Castleberry. The night was one big success, from the decorations to the DJ. Despite the dreary, cold and rainy day, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and toughed it out. Many people that did not attend Grand March got together in groups or couples and took pictures before prom started. Afterwards, students went to various restaurants and had dinner. At prom the theme was “A Night in Paris.” Eiffel Towers dotted the room as table centerpieces and a red carpet led into the room. The middle of the dance floor was strung with lights and decorative white cloths. The DJ played a mixture of the newer hits, the old, and, of course, the Cha-Cha Slide and Macarena. The dance floor was constantly cluttered with people having a great time and dancing to the music with their friends. The dressy attire ranged from classy, princess, and two-piece dresses, while most guys opted for the usual tux with a bowtie or regular tie. Coleton Woody, junior, was wearing a fantastic bow tie that lit up. A few couples matched one another, incorporating some of the color from the dresses to the vests and ties. Some students commented that this was the best prom yet and that they had a great time. Overall, it is safe to say the seniors certainly enjoyed their last prom and many underclassmen plan to attend next year.

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Prom 2017