Zodiac Fiasco

London Beck

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 Many people have been upset and confused because it has been said there is a new zodiac sign. This confusion is based on the website spaceplace.NASA.gov in their article “Constellations and the Calendar.” Where it says that there were originally 13 constellations the babylonians saw out of the 24 but since the babylonians wanted the constellations to fit their calendar, they took out ophiuchus and created only 12 signs out of these constellations. But astronomy and astrology are not the same thing. The Webster Dictionary states that Astronomy is the scientific study of everything in outer space. While Astrology is the study of how the positions of the stars and movements of the planets have a supposed influence on the behavior of people. The signs were based off the stars but they have nothing to do with the actual stars themselves. But as the zodiac constellations and their signs are a tradition that has persisted for decades already, NASA’s “scientific” approach has no real effect on them. It’s like hearing a tall tale or myth all your life and then getting told that a certain part of the myth is inaccurate. You would then say well of course it is inaccurate all of it is, it’s just a cool story. In the same way people are claiming the 12 signs are inaccurate because there is actually 13 stars. In other words NASA didn’t change your sign You are still the same as you were before.

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