Third Party Candidates III: Final

Tim Kowis

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Election day has passed, but, politics never sleeps so, rather than covering one particular candidate I will wrap up with a few candidates that have managed to catch my own eye.  These candidates will include Darrell Castle of the Constitutional party, Zoltan Istvan of the Transhumanist party, and Chris Keniston of the Veteran’s Party.  Darrell Castle is a deacon at his local church and set up the Mia’s Children Foundation to care for homeless children in Romania.  He is a huge supporter of seceding from the U.N. and claims that it is doing more harm than good.  Darrell Castle plans to repeal the Federal Reserve System, creating a new system where all currency can be accepted and exchanged for raw gold at banks.  He hopes this will create an expanded free market.  Chris Keniston of the veterans party is a former air force engineer.  Chris is a supporter of the expandment of veteran and in-service rights so servicemen would get personal, educational and financial benefits.  Keniston also supports the separation of church and state, space exploration, and adopts an “America first” policy which would care for America, then the world.  Zoltan Istvan is an interesting candidate, but perhaps there is reason to his views.  Zoltan Istvan is the candidate and founder of the Transhumanist Party.  Zoltan Istvan’s policies revolve around putting science first and to fund NASA and medical sciences.  The Transhumanist Bill of Rights considers many common issues absolute illnesses including aging and wants to fund many ways to cure these diseases.  That concludes these articles and I hope you vote your conscience when the election comes.

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