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 Homecoming week started Monday 12 and lasted through Friday 16. Carl Junction started off the exciting week with Hat Day. Although some were unaware of this, many did participate. Tuesday was funky and flowerful Hawaiian day! Many had fun wearing their tacky Hawaiian shirts and flower necklaces, while others had stories to tell of their trips to the place of sun and relaxation. Wednesday, Carl Junction superheros were flying, running, and zooming to school to show off their moves with their amazing superhero suits and apparel. Everyone was booming with power and excitement! We had heroes like Batman, Supergirl, Iron Man, Superman, and Captain America roaming the halls. Although everyone can’t be a superhero, we weren’t surprised to find a lot of our terrific students stepping up. Thursday was college T-shirt day. Everyone showed off their favorite colleges with hopefully only minimal rivalry. Carl Junction high schoolers ended the week with tye dye friday adding a little more splash of bright color to the school!

 Unfortunately, the homecoming parade was cancelled due to the rain. While some were happy to get an extra lunch or get out of marching in the humidity, others were disappointed that they couldn’t sit on a float, hear the band, get candy, or show off their amazing signs. Emma Leach, sophomore, says “I’m just sad no one got to see my amazing sign for cross country. It said, ‘We run better than the government!’” But the Friday afternoon let down didn’t affect us on our game against Branson, with a returning score of 19 to 3.

 And is there any better way to celebrate than to go to a dance and hangout with all your friends? Although mostly freshman and sophomores bought the $5 tickets to the dance, there was also a few seniors and juniors there. Attending were homecoming queen Zoey Farely and her runners-up Kenzie Stinnett and Lauren Taylor. Also attending the game and dance were the homecoming court, with junior representative Sylvia Lawson, sophomore representative Breanna Maxwell, and the freshman representative Dani Wrench. Katherine Austin, freshman, said, “Hoco was a great time to hang out with friends. We got to dance, chat, and it was overall a fun experience.” But others like freshmen Kenzie Patton, Taylor Lewis, and Amber Kennebeck didn’t agree. Kennebeck said “I didn’t really like homecoming, I don’t think I’ll go next year. It wasn’t really that fun. There wasn’t much to do.”  But whether the dance was lacking something to do or isn’t formal enough, everyone seemed to enjoy it in some way.  “It wasn’t the best dance, but homecoming was a place to hang out with friends and of course dance the Cupid Shuffle, which was my favorite,” said Lewis. Given there were about 50 or so people there, homecoming did succeed in some way.  And whether you went this year or not, we all hope to see you next year to celebrate another big win!

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