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Rolling into Psychology

Molly Poage | April 17, 2018

    The CJHS Dual Credit Psychology class is in the middle of one of their most anticipated projects: the hamster project. Students are in charge of selecting, training, and videoing a hamster doing a course that they design and build on their own over the course of several weeks of both in-class and at-home training.     The students have the choice of using either “classical” or...

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Melissa Hendrickson | April 13, 2018

 We have all heard it by now; everyone’s favorite question to ask that may be exciting for some, but is terrifying for the vast majority of others.  Whether you are a senior or a freshman, being put on the spot about what the future could hold is threatening, to say the least, so please - stop asking me where I want to go to college.    Let’s just start by saying that if you’re in the...

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